Frequently Asked Questions

We can go almost anywhere! Our goal is to provide an easy, hassle-free party experience wherever you wish to hold your party. The majority of our parties are held at private homes. We can visit any home on a paved street/road without problems, no matter what the configuration of your neighborhood, street, or yard. We are very flexible! At most homes, we simply park in the street in front of your house and set up our equipment in the designated area.

We can also accommodate parties in venues such as parks, schools, parking lots, and other areas away from busy traffic. In particular, the small subdivision parks in many neighborhoods are really great spaces for our parties. Please note: We do require both power and water to have the party, so if you choose a venue other than your home, please be certain that the venue has both a power and water supply. In some instances, we may be able to provide this service for an additional fee.

All of our Fantastic Foam Party staff are trained professionals who have background in working with children. It’s immediately clear to observers that our staff really love their jobs and love working with kids. All our staff have been through extensive training on how to successfully communicate with children of all ages and bring the experience alive for our young guests. Our curriculum and training have been co-developed by a nationally known children’s entertainer. We continuously are improving, refining, and refreshing our presentations to make them the best possible. For all parties, the event is staffed with two Fantastic Foam Party staff so our organized activities run smoothly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather, so if it rains, we are  prepared. Generally speaking, a light rain or drizzle will not stop us – after all foam is made out of water! However, if we see heavy rain or  lightning in the forecast, we will work with you to find a backup  date/time. There is no cost for rescheduling due to the weather. 

Your guests can wear just about any type of clothing that they are  comfortable in – so long as they understand that they will be getting wet  in the foam. Advise your guests to bring towels and changes of clothing  for the kids! 

While shoes can be worn in the foam, we recommend something that  will not slip off easily – otherwise you’ll have to wait until the end of the  party to find them! 

Eye goggles are also popular. While our foam is non-toxic and detergent  free, some children still are more comfortable with something covering  their eyes.  

No. Our foam is non-toxic and is a solution of very mild glycerin and  binding agent. There are no harsh detergents or irritants.  

There is no clean-up required. The foam will dissolve rapidly once the  machine stops, and usually dissipates completely within 15~20 minutes.  You may see some residue the next morning, but this will wash away by hose or by rain.